1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Times for Final Presentations

Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

The remaining presentations for the course are

Tuesday 8-10 : Team 1 / Team 5
Tuesday 10-12: Team 7 / Team 3
Thursday 8-10: Team 8 / Team 9
Thursday 10-12: Team 2 / Team 10

All presentations and demo's in the project room in building 4, level 4.

See you all in the appropriate time slots.



1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Grading Rubric, Final presentations.

Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

Final Presentation (group)

[3pts] Professionalism in preparation and presentation.

  • Was the team well prepared and organised.
  • Smooth and well rehearsed presentation structure.
  • Use of presentation tools (IRC, Adobe Connect, hardware demo)

[5pts] Use of web and audio-visual presentation technique.

  • Was material clearly presented and easy to understand. (i.e. pictures, good slides, etc.)
  • Is the presentation clear, to the point.
  • Does the presentation show off the whole team, and each person's accomplishments/contributions.

[5pts] Team Management

  • Division of labor
  • Reflections on professional development
  • Time and scheduling difficulties
  • Reflection on work process in the team, and internal team conflicts (if any)

[5pts] Technical Discussion and Demo

  • Design process
  • Coding standards, version control, software management issues
  • Software package and documentation standards
  • Limitations and future enhancements
  • Demonstrated software functionality
  • Inter-operability, ability to function in collaboration with another robot.

[2pts] Question and Answer

  • Posing good questions to the other teams.
  • Responding well to questions from others.

1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Finalising Course Components

Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

Dear All.

A few quick updates on finalising the course.

1. Portfolios, see the news post on this, it should be a Wiki page linked from your personal page. It should contain a summary of what you have achieved and experienced in the course in regard to each course learning outcome.

The learning outcomes for the course are stated as follows: After completing the course a participant will be able to,
  • planera och genomföra utveckling av ett distribuerat system med deltagare från olika kulturer och med olika tekniska kompetenser.
    (plan and develop a distributed system in a global team environment in collaboration with people from other cultures and with a variety of technical competencies)
  • resonera kring för- och nackdelar med centrala principer, begrepp och algoritmer inom distribuerade system.
    (reason about the advantages and disadvantages of central principles, concepts and algorithms for distributed systems development)
  • aktivt visa ett kritiskt förhållningssätt och förmåga att hantera öppna problem och fatta konstruktionsbeslut under utveckling av ett distribuerat system.
    (demonstrate a scholarly attitude and ability to tackle open problems and to make implementation decisions during the development of a distributed system)
  • hantera samarbetsproblem såsom personliga konflikter, kulturella skillnader.
    (manage challenges that arise in international collaborations, such as personal conflicts, and cultural differences)
  • relatera och redovisa framsteg i förhållande till en tidsplan för ett projektet (t ex. Gantt chart).
    (manage and document development activity in relation to a project time-plan (e.g. A Gantt chart)

2. Deadlines

  • Deadline for the design and development documentation on the runestone server is 2nd June.
  • Deadline for completing the portfolio 9th June.

I will finalise the results for all Uppsala students as soon as possible after 9th of June.



1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Final presentations

Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

Dear all.

I will supply a video projector with VGA capability for the display of the presentation, if necessary.
You can load up your presentations in Adobe Connect at the following channel.

Review the instructions in the final presentation lecture.

I will see teams 4 and 6 at 8am 29/5 in building 4, I will come to the project room around 07:45 to set up.
The other teams present as per the schedule in the doodle.



1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Sample Project available

Added by Steve Frezza 10 months ago

For those who are interested, a "Sample Project" with one team is available for you to examine their design, issues structures/Gantt, and reflections. These are abstracted from old an old project that ran from 03-2013 to 06-2013. When searching issues, use those dates.

Many of the "Sample Team 1" students have working Wiki pages; they are interesting, as they show better and worse reflection and activity records.
If you go to look at their issues, be sure to apply the status "any" filter. Similarly, their Gantt is best seen at 4 months from March 2013.
Most of their design documents are visible, and are linked into their wiki.

This is not the perfect team or perfect design (remember, they had a different problem to solve). However, we thought this might be helpful for those interested to see what the managers get to see of the team's design and process through the Redmine project manager tool.

We hope things go well with finishing up the last weeks of the course. As William Shakespear put it, "All's well that ends well."
"see you all at your final presentations.


1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Final Presentations for 2017 (week 22) (1 comment)

Added by Arnold Pears 11 months ago

Dear All.

It is time to organise the final demonstrations.
These demonstrations will be partly an online presentation where all the team are present, and partly a physical demonstration of the prototypes in the respective site locations, UU, TUT, HUST.


Please review the times in the following doodle. I hope that we can fit everyone into the 5 slots I have proposed, since these are designed to meet the constraints at several sites and additional slots will be hard to organise.

Please book a time ASAP.



1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Design and Development Process management and Documentation

Added by Arnold Pears 11 months ago

Dear Runestone Participants,

to enhance the transparency of the design grading we have developed a set of grading criteria which more fully explain how our judgements have been arrived at and included them in a new table on the Wiki page

The design process and documentation criteria integrate elements of the design process into a single grade on a scale of 1-10, factors included in the assessment include the use cases and documents you have prepared as well as the way in which the Issues feature of RedMine is used to set up and manage the Agile development process.
In order that everyone gets as much opportunity to develop good practices in terms of design and issue design and handling we always take a formative approach to the design component of the grade. To implement this we have linked in new feedback pages for the design and development process from the Milestone table which will be used to give you feedback now, including tips on what can be improved. This assessment will be available on Monday 8th May and provides our current assessment of your team in relation to the criteria.

During the next few weeks you should use that feedback and initial grade to improve your documentation and development processes and issue handling. We will make a final assessment in week 21 and then award the final group grades for design and development. The idea is that you will be able to use the feedback to improve your design and development processes so that you will improve your final mark during the remaining weeks of the project.

Best wishes to all.

Arnold, Ethiopia, Trung and Steve.

03-Team: Milestone 3 and 4 meeting time vote in doodle

Added by Ethiopia Nigussie 11 months ago

Please vote your suitable time for milestone 3 and 4 meeting in the doodlelink below.


1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): "Real-time Video" requirement redacted

Added by Steve Frezza 11 months ago

In the project wiki, we found that video equipment was not universally available. Thus the requirement that the server manage "real-time video" has been pulled from the specification as 'required'. However, if using video would improve your project, like other technologies, these and other creative possibilities are most encouraged.


1DT092 - Global Software Product Development (Runestone 2017): Time Bookings for Milestone 2-4 Meetings

Added by Steve Frezza 11 months ago

For teams who have Steve as a mentor, you can find my availability for milestone meetings on the doodle below.

Please select a time for Week 18, 20, and 22 for any meeting you do not already have scheduled.

Also, take a look at the Milestone Feedback linked on the main project wiki


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