Sample Project available

A "Sample Project" with a project team is available for you to try out the assessment rubrics
Added by Steve Frezza 10 months ago

For those who are interested, a "Sample Project" with one team is available for you to examine their design, issues structures/Gantt, and reflections. These are abstracted from old an old project that ran from 03-2013 to 06-2013. When searching issues, use those dates.

Many of the "Sample Team 1" students have working Wiki pages; they are interesting, as they show better and worse reflection and activity records.
If you go to look at their issues, be sure to apply the status "any" filter. Similarly, their Gantt is best seen at 4 months from March 2013.
Most of their design documents are visible, and are linked into their wiki.

This is not the perfect team or perfect design (remember, they had a different problem to solve). However, we thought this might be helpful for those interested to see what the managers get to see of the team's design and process through the Redmine project manager tool.

We hope things go well with finishing up the last weeks of the course. As William Shakespear put it, "All's well that ends well."
"see you all at your final presentations.