Finalising Course Components

Design and development, reflections, time logs and portfolios.
Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

Dear All.

A few quick updates on finalising the course.

1. Portfolios, see the news post on this, it should be a Wiki page linked from your personal page. It should contain a summary of what you have achieved and experienced in the course in regard to each course learning outcome.

The learning outcomes for the course are stated as follows: After completing the course a participant will be able to,
  • planera och genomföra utveckling av ett distribuerat system med deltagare från olika kulturer och med olika tekniska kompetenser.
    (plan and develop a distributed system in a global team environment in collaboration with people from other cultures and with a variety of technical competencies)
  • resonera kring för- och nackdelar med centrala principer, begrepp och algoritmer inom distribuerade system.
    (reason about the advantages and disadvantages of central principles, concepts and algorithms for distributed systems development)
  • aktivt visa ett kritiskt förhållningssätt och förmåga att hantera öppna problem och fatta konstruktionsbeslut under utveckling av ett distribuerat system.
    (demonstrate a scholarly attitude and ability to tackle open problems and to make implementation decisions during the development of a distributed system)
  • hantera samarbetsproblem såsom personliga konflikter, kulturella skillnader.
    (manage challenges that arise in international collaborations, such as personal conflicts, and cultural differences)
  • relatera och redovisa framsteg i förhållande till en tidsplan för ett projektet (t ex. Gantt chart).
    (manage and document development activity in relation to a project time-plan (e.g. A Gantt chart)

2. Deadlines

  • Deadline for the design and development documentation on the runestone server is 2nd June.
  • Deadline for completing the portfolio 9th June.

I will finalise the results for all Uppsala students as soon as possible after 9th of June.