Grading Rubric, Final presentations.

Added by Arnold Pears 10 months ago

Final Presentation (group)

[3pts] Professionalism in preparation and presentation.

  • Was the team well prepared and organised.
  • Smooth and well rehearsed presentation structure.
  • Use of presentation tools (IRC, Adobe Connect, hardware demo)

[5pts] Use of web and audio-visual presentation technique.

  • Was material clearly presented and easy to understand. (i.e. pictures, good slides, etc.)
  • Is the presentation clear, to the point.
  • Does the presentation show off the whole team, and each person's accomplishments/contributions.

[5pts] Team Management

  • Division of labor
  • Reflections on professional development
  • Time and scheduling difficulties
  • Reflection on work process in the team, and internal team conflicts (if any)

[5pts] Technical Discussion and Demo

  • Design process
  • Coding standards, version control, software management issues
  • Software package and documentation standards
  • Limitations and future enhancements
  • Demonstrated software functionality
  • Inter-operability, ability to function in collaboration with another robot.

[2pts] Question and Answer

  • Posing good questions to the other teams.
  • Responding well to questions from others.